In the 1973 movie Magnum Force, Dirty Harry said ‘A man’s got to know his limitations.’ I have found mine. My limitation has been reached in being able to understand any person that has already, or will on Tuesday, cast a vote for Donald Trump. (For the record, the irony that Dirty Harry was played […]

I have been remarkably fortunate to have the support of my mother and father through my life. And I have been remarkably fortunate for the myriad people that I have crossed paths with that I feel truly lucky to call friends – from my years at Virginia Tech, to Myrtle Beach, to Annapolis and, now, […]

Every morning during second period, the school announcements start with the Pledge of Allegiance. I stand, but do not recite it or place my hand over my heart. When I go to an event that my students participate in and they play the National Anthem beforehand, I stand, but I do not sing along or […]

“Trump is the outsider – he’ll watch out for all of us, including the little guy.” “Hillary is the most qualified person in the history of the office.” “Trump is a demagogue with indefensible policies and stances.” “Hillary is the quintessential dishonest politician and will say and do anything to get elected.” “I’m going to […]

What lives matter? “Black Lives Matter!” “All Lives Matter!” “Police Lives Matter!” While each of those, and probably many others, have been making the rounds it seems to me the answer to the question is clear – all lives matter – but there are some important points that should be considered. I have absolutely zero […]

I am sick and tired of people saying we shouldn’t politicize tragedies like Orlando or Sandy Hook or San Bernardino or Virginia Tech. To me, that is just code for continued inaction and ignorance toward the problems that our population faces. Not our LGBT population, not our Muslim population, not our Christian population, but our […]

First, if you got past the title and before I really go off the rails, I fully admit that I am doing something I frequently speak out against: I am stereotyping the Republican Party in general, and Evangelical Christians in particular, as universally holding these views. But, until their chosen leaders and de facto voice […]

Every time this happens, social media, news broadcasts, et al say “I’m praying for the those affected in __________”. I’m not praying. Granted I’m not religious – I waffle between agnosticism and atheistic and probably a bit more toward the latter – but no god would have anything to do with these tragedies that are […]

This is the time of year where I think a lot of us do some reflecting on where we are and how we got to this point in our lives. My story is a long one – I often tell my kids that if I went through all the bizarre twists and turns that brought […]

What makes a kid successful? Is it something that is ingrained in their DNA? Is it something that is nurtured during their formative years? Is it one specific event that wholly changed their path? I’m sure it is some combination of those and dozens of other things that happen along the web of life, but […]

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